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Practice of replacing a bamboo sheath of a baren
A baren is a traditional Japanese rubbing pad for woodcut printing, which is wrapped in a bamboo sheath. It is difficult to finish to replace a bamboo sheath of a baren neatly. You can print out the PDF linked below on A4 paper to experience the general flow of bamboo sheath wrapping and practise making elegant creases.

In this PDF, only one half of the circular shape is shown, but in reality, this is then rotated 180° and folded in on both sides and wrapped. Also, this is just a practice, in actual replacement with a bamboo sheath there are numerous things to take care of, such as dampness and fibres. Please make use of your practice to tailor a baren that is easy to use.

Continued use of a baren will inevitably result in holes in a bamboo sheath. This is due to a protrusions on a core of a baren which increase pressure, but a bamboo sheath protects it from friction. If it breaks, replace a bamboo sheath as soon as possible.

Practice replacing Baren bamboo sheath right-handed PDF
Practice replacing Baren bamboo sheath left-handed PDF